We have various supporting departments in our hospital:

Information Technology and Communication Department

The ICT Departments’ purpose is to deliver the best practice IT systems. The healthcare professionals access to patient information safely, securely and easily, whenever it is required.
With the support of its’ dedicated, ethical and competent staff, the I.T and Communication Departments adopt the comprehensive, integrated information system designed to manage the medical, administrative, financial and legal aspects of the hospital and its service processing to achieve the hospital mission and strategic goals.

Medical Records Department

This unit is involved in keeping and organizing medical records (files) of outpatients and inpatients.

This department offers the following services: –

  1. Registration of patients
  2. Birth and Death registration
  3. Issue of Birth notification
  4. All Records keeping

Billing Department

The Department of Costing manages all billings, payments and insurance information for patients (outpatient and inpatient) of the Hospital.

Medical Maintenance and Engineering Department

This unit is responsible for keeping operable condition of hospital facilities and equipment. Also, it makes technical studies, planning, supervision, and execution of various projects of the hospital.
Also, support workshops, including workshops of air-conditioning, electricity, plumbing, steel works, and joinery, facilitate daily operations of performing maintenance to such facilities. Medical engineering department performs maintenance to all medical and office equipment at the hospital, and bringing the hospital to the highest degree of performance taking into consideration safety standards to patients and equipment operators.

Cleaning and Laundry Department

This department is involved in all operations and procedures that will keep the hospital clean in the light of rationalization policy and ideal use of hospital resources.

Motor Vehicle Department

We offer a sincere and reliable service which has a good reputation for delivering service excellence. Our team of professional drivers serves the hospital 24 hours a day, 7 days of the week by three shifts. We cooperate with all departments within the hospital to ensure that the transport needs of the hospital are fully met, frequently exceeding expectations with our friendly professional service.

Security Department

The security at Githumu Hospital is provided by a security contract company with the security guards. The Security Department provides a 24 hour cover throughout the hospital. Our aim is to provide a safe and secure environment for patients, staff and visitors.

The Security Department’s main role is supporting and assisting staff during their encounters with violent or disruptive patients, as well as enforcing the hospital regulations in regard to visiting times and the no smoking policy.

Other security roles include the keeping of order in public waiting areas such as Outpatients. The security department also deals with incidents of theft and damage and liaise with the Police in the investigation of criminal matters.